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FAQ on Updating and Upgrading ConceptDraw Products

  • How ConceptDraw Office v2 user can upgrade to ConceptDraw Office v3?

  • I'm ConceptDraw Offce v2 user. How can I download the latest versions of ConceptDraw Office v2 products?

  • If I have ConceptDraw PRO v7, ConceptDraw MINDMAP v5, and ConceptDraw PROJECT v4 (or earlier), when I upgrade to the current generation of ConceptDraw products what should I be aware of?

  • If I have ConceptDraw Office v2 (ConceptDraw PRO v9, ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7, and ConceptDraw PROJECT v6, when I update to the newer versions of these products what should I be aware of?

  • I have built a custom object library and some templates for ConceptDraw PRO v9, when I update to the newest version of ConceptDraw PRO, how am I able to keep my custom materials?

  • I have just updated to ConceptDraw Office v3, what has happened to the objects, templates, and samples that come with the product?

  • I have ConceptDraw Office v2 and would like to trial ConceptDraw Office v3, what should I know about the trial process?

  • I have ConceptDraw Office v2 installed on my C drive in the default location, when I update my product I would like to move the installed location to a directory on drive D. How can I go about doing this?

  • Why is ConceptDraw Solution Browser installed on my computer?

  • How does the uninstall work for products after I upgrade to ConceptDraw Solution Browser v3?

  • I currently have the entire ConceptDraw Office v2 installed; I have purchased only one of the ConceptDraw Products, how can I update so that I only have the product I purchased?

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