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MindWave for SAP Streamworks

ConceptDraw MindWave for SAP StreamWork allows you to visualize the process of collaboration, increase effectiveness of team work, prepare supporting presentations and achieve ready-to-use documents.

MindWave, in conjunction with SAP® StreamWork™, lets teams collaborate remotely on business issues, using the ConceptDraw MindMap platform. Here are some examples of what the solution can be used for, for instance strategy maps or discussing online objectives.

What I Need to Get Started

To get started you need a browser that supports HTML 5 1

How to Get Started with Mind Mapping

  1. Register your account on SAP StreamWork if you haven’t already.
  2. Open your account on SAP StreamWork.
  3. Press the “Create” button, then the “Activity” button to create a new activity.

    mindwave new

    mindwave new

  4. Fill in the activity information and press “Create”.

    mindwave invite

  5. Click “View Activity”.

    mindwave invite

  6. From the “Tools Catalog” select “Partner Tools”.

    mindwave invite

    mindwave invite

  7. Find ConceptDraw MindWave and press the “Add” button.

    mindwave invite

Start Using

Now you are free to plan, brainstorm and share ideas with your team. ConceptDraw MindWave will visualize the process and create a ready-to-use document as a result.

mindwave sample


Benefits: Visualize the process of collaborative planning, meetings and decision-making. Employ the productive output as a ready-to-use document or supporting presentation by using ConceptDraw MINDMAP. Data is stored on SAP StreamWork, increasing data security.

Objective: Provide a web-based productivity tool for collaborative planning, meetings and decision-making. ConceptDraw MindWave supports SAP StreamWork’s collaboration solution, providing mind mapping capability to teams located anywhere in the world.

Solution Purpose: For quick and efficient planning, team meetings, and decision-making (individually or collaboratively).

Intended For: Managers and teams.

Products and methods: SAP StreamWork is a cloud-based and highly secure collaborative platform. ConceptDraw MindWave for SAP StreamWork is built on HTML5, OpenSocial API and INGYRE2 technology. INGYRE2 allows the exchange of mapped content between ConceptDraw’s web and desktop mind map applications.