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Collaboration with ConceptDraw - Managing Your Team with MindWave for SAP® StreamWork™

We at CS Odessa are launching an exciting new updated version of our popular mind mapping tool, ConceptDraw MindWave for SAP® StreamWork™. We’ve combined the abilities of two great products - SAP StreamWork and ConceptDraw MindWave – to give you a high quality and cost effective solution.

Whenever you work as part of a team, it’s crucial you find a way to plan and collaborate effectively and efficiently. This is what ConceptDraw MindWave provides.  Whatever the size of your organization, teamwork is the number one value. ConceptDraw MindWave provides teams the opportunity to present agendas, brainstorm, take notes and sort through ideas; not just in the office, but across the world – it’s effective wherever your team is based. You can create a professional and reliable collaboration environment using SAP StreamWork, and the collaborative mind mapping tool, ConceptDraw MindWave v4.

New functionality added to ConceptDraw MindWave:

  • User-friendly menu, that simplifies gadget use for both new and regular users,
  • Intuitive discovery of shortcuts,
  • Topic hyperlink capability, which links materials to mind map.

Take the opportunity to enhance your team’s creative power using ConceptDraw MindWave for SAP® StreamWork™ - an exciting new way to connect user productivity.

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