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Enhancing Collaboration – Updating MindWave for SAP® StreamWork™, and IE 9 Functionality

Mind mapping is becoming an increasingly popular platform for collecting and sharing ideas – it’s used by everyone, from students for course or study work, right through to big businesses planning project strategy. More and more, the value of being able to perform brainstorms and decision processes as part of a group is being seen. So what would you say to a solution that enables you to mind map and collaborate with colleagues all over the world?

Using SAP Streamwork, a free-to-use online collaboration platform, in conjunction with ConceptDraw’s own MindWave plug-in, you and your business can perform real-time, collaborative mind mapping. The potential possibilities for businesses are endless, and it helps connect workers from each corner of the globe. When your session is finished, any maps created can be downloaded and used when working offline. Now, thanks to updates for ConceptDraw MindWave for SAP StreamWork, real-time, online mind mapping is possible in just about every web browser available, including the popular Internet Explorer 9.

We have also upgraded the printing capabilities – you can now print directly from the Streamwork interface, speeding up the process, and also assisting those who do not have a desktop mind map application.

With ConceptDraw MindWave for SAP StreamWork, CS Odessa puts the power of mind mapping at your command for online meetings and virtual collaboration. Newly updated with printing capabilities and full support for IE 9, there’s never been a better time to start working with it.

Join StreamWork, and install the ConceptDraw MindWave plug-in. CS Odessa’s desktop mind mapping app,

ConceptDraw MINDMAP, is also available for a free 21 day trial at

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