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User Stories
How our users utilize ConceptDraw
products to accomplish their objectives
Emergency Management pdf, 212 KB Using ConceptDraw MINDMAP for visually communication in the emergency planning, Jill Collins presents her emergency plans to cross-disciplinary hospital team at a glance, because ConceptDraw MINDMAP offers a the ability to capture, organize, and display clearly the staff responsibilities.
Coaching the Coaches pdf, 214 KB Dealing with teaching people a new way to manage large projects, Pat Foltz, the Professional Trainer uses ConceptDraw MINDMAP to break large projects down into smaller, manageable tasks. She teaches her students how to use a visual format to follow their own thinking process in approaching a large, complex project.
Managing Six Sigma Projects pdf, 203 KB Ralph Jarvis develop repeatable process to simplify health insurance validation. He uses ConceptDraw MINDMAP to capture team brainstorming and switch to ConceptDraw PROJECT to create implementatio plan.
Managing Large Projects pdf, 1.1 MB The processes using by Anselm Bassano are highly creative and conceptual. The fact that a ConceptDraw MINDMAP can convert mind maps into a Gantt chart with just one click brings real value while managing large diversified projects.
Managing Exploration Projects pdf, 1.1 MB Paul Miller must meet the needs of diversified international projects, utilizing over 800 experienced employees. He uses ConceptDraw MINDMAP to set up project drafts and share project data with his international team, using ConceptDraw Office.
Designing Virtual Tours with ConceptDraw PRO pdf, 125 KB Defijn Vernimmen is a middle — biz Interior Photography company. Mr. Vernimmen is a pioneer in the designing of virtual interior tours for online audiences. They use ConceptDraw PRO to layout their virtual tours for clients.