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Early years
CS Odessa was founded

After MacWorld Expo group of Odessa based engineers have decided to found company to develop vector based software for business graphics

The start of ConceptDraw product development

Computer Systems Odessa is a market leading developer of business productivity solutions for Macintosh and Windows platforms

Company rising
First release of ConceptDraw

Two years of hard coding produced a new graphic engine for vector drawing

ConceptDraw was introduced at the San Francisco MacWorld Expo

Here is where managers, mathematicians and planners get their chance to express themselves graphically

New products
ConceptDraw MINDMAP

Focused on research in the field of visual data representation, a software tool that allowed idea mind-mapping

ConceptDraw Project

This product was developed to support the needs of our customers involved in project planning and management processes

Growth and Spreading the World
ConceptDraw Business Suite

All three our products were suited well with each other and apearing a such bundle was natural evolution of company development

Opening an office in San Jose, CA

With the increased popularity of CS Odessa’s ConceptDraw products, combined with the requirement to be closer to ConceptDraw users based in the Americas, CS Odessa opened an office in San Jose, CA. Expansion continued with the opening of an office in Boston, MA

ConceptDraw OFFICE
CS Odessa released ConceptDraw OFFICE

an integrated solution for effective project management visualization and communication based on innovative INGYRE Technology

ConceptDraw OFFICE 2

In this release we’ve inroduced ConceptDraw SOLUTION BROWSER — a huge extension of all ConceptDraw product line by hundreds ready to use templates, libraries and online resources

Solutions, Solutions and more Solutions
Covering further professional areas by new solutions

19 new comprehensive sets of vector libraries and templates

Extending amount of solutions areas

Next 25 solutions — further increasing the value of the ConceptDraw Products post–purchase

Evolutionary development
ConceptDraw OFFICE 3

Now this is complex of three perfect suited tools for Diagraming, Mindmaping and Project management actively supported by 175 Solutions in 22 areas

ConceptDraw OFFICE 4

Crucial upgrade in all included products leads OFFICE to the next level of assistant in everyday Business tasks. Also ConceptDraw STORE was introduced with 191 solutions in 24 areas

ConceptDraw OFFICE 5

The fifth installment of ConceptDraw OFFICE introduces ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 - the new name of ConceptDraw PRO since 12-th version. A biggest on Market set of additional content known as Solution Park with task-oriented Solutions brings a new level of Business Processes visualization.

ConceptDraw OFFICE 6

The newest iteration of ConceptDraw OFFICE brings a set of improvements that help business professionals visualize, maintain, and communicate all aspects of business workflows even more efficiently.

ConceptDraw OFFICE 7

Provides new functionality to help you visualize and communicate all facets of business workflows even more efficiently on both macOS and Windows platforms.

ConceptDraw OFFICE 8

Each of the applications has been updated and enhanced with new features addressing project management workflows, and business visualization requirements.

ConceptDraw OFFICE 9

Brings new versions of each of the three components and enhanced access to integrated platform for business diagramming, mind mapping, and project management

ConceptDraw OFFICE 10

The tenth version of ConceptDrawOFFICE contains new features and user experience improvements are based on suggestions and requirements from end users that ensure ConceptDraw software remains relevant to business users around the world