Export from ConceptDraw MINDMAP
to PDF (Adobe Acrobat®) File

The export options in ConceptDraw MINDMAP allow mind maps to be exported in various graphical formats such as images, webpages, or PDF files. They can also be exported into Microsoft Office applications or into different mindmapping programs. So there would be no difficulties to share your ideas with other people.

Pic. 1. A PDF-file exported from ConceptDraw MINDMAP

There is no special settings in ConceptDraw MINDMAP required for this export, so you can create a PDF file from your document within a seconds.

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    ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 Export Capabilities

    ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 supports exporting to many Microsoft Office products, including Word, PowerPoint and Project, as well as exporting to Evernote, Apple iCal, PDF, HTML and graphic format files.ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 export capabilities
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    ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 has extensive export capabilities which allow you to export your drawing to Adobe PDF files. Thus, you can share your documents with your colleagues and friends even if they don't have ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 installed on their computer.Export of ConceptDraw document to PDF format
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    Best Mind Mapping Program for Making Presentations

    ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 with the ability to import presentations from Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as enhancing its existing presentation capabilities.Mind map presentation - Solar system
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    Pyramid Diagram

    This pyramid chart example is supplied with the ConceptDraw Pyramid Diagrams solution. This is a model of Information Management Systems classification. It is made in a form of a four-level pyramid. The top level shows the information system developed for an executive management. Below, there is a level depicting the system of decision making process for the managers of the senior level. A schematic representation of the middle management information system, following to logic, is in the middle of the pyramid. And at least, the lowermost level represents an information processing system for employees.Pyramid Diagrams. 4 level pyramid model of information systems types
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