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Samples / Business Processes

Business Processes

This is the Business Processes area from the Samples section.

It navigates you to the web pages of Business Processes solutions with diagram samples.

Business process is a sequence of activities directed to achieve a specific corporate goal by offering a customer some product or service. There are three types of business processes:

Process-oriented organizations use a systematic approach of Business Process Management (BPM) for continuous Business Process Improvement (BPI). When the optimization is not enough to achieve desirable corporate efficiency and productivity, then companies use Business Process Reengineering (BPR) strategy.

There are a lot of Business Process Modeling methods using diagrams to visualize business processes. ConceptDraw Solutions from the Business Process area provide the vector drawing tools for creating the most usable types of business process diagrams:

The Business Processes area at ConceptDraw Solution Park includes the following solutions:

This webpage navigates you to the sample sets of all these business process diagram types.