ConceptDraw PROJECT Server Licensing Model

ConceptDraw PROJECT Server is delivered under the SaaS model (Software as a service) that allows users to use a cloud-based application via Internet.

When purchasing a ConceptDraw PROJECT Server, you rent the use of the app’s workspace for you and your users, and connect to it via Internet, with a web browser. The app software and data files are located on ConceptDraw servers.

ConceptDraw PROJECT Server License

A license purchase provides the full featured access to ConceptDraw PROJECT Server workspace for 20 users within one year from the date of purchase. The license allows to upload up to 100 projects to collaborate within the current workspace.

Additional Users

If the number of users you need to engage in collaboration exceeds twenty persons, you can extend the number of users invited to your workspace. In this case, you purchase one more ConceptDraw PROJECT Server License (20 users).

License Renewal

A single ConceptDraw PROJECT Server license is valid for one year. By its expiration, to continue working with the workspace, user have to purchase the new one. Renewing your PROJECT Server license will keep it active, allowing you to continuously use the service.