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ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

How to Create a UML Diagram Quickly

The possibility to draw UML diagrams is provided by the Rapid UML Solution. ConceptDraw provides a number of templates for drawing UML diagrams You can download the Rapid UML Solution from the Software Development Area of ConceptDraw Solution.

  1. Run ConceptDraw the STORE and open the Solutions tab.
  2. Reveal Rapid UML in the Software Development area, and press Install.
  3. Find out a proper UML diagram in the Templates section and click the preview image to open it in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM.
  4. The UML diagram template comes with vector object libraries that you can use to depict various software models. Rapid Draw technology is an automatic drawing system designed to make drawing UML diagrams easier than ever.
  5. Select the object in the open template. Directional arrows surround the object. Select the appropriate direction and the object. Rapid Draw will automatically draw and connect the next element in your UML diagram. Thus, you can quickly map out the software application structure in just minutes.

Result: Creating UML diagrams is a common approach to software models description and visualization. Use the UML templates provided by ConceptDraw Solutions for sketching out software models, or for documenting existing ones.

How to Create Flowchart Using Standard Flowchart Symbols

A flowchart is a formalized graphic representation of a logic sequence, work or manufacturing process, organization chart, or similar formalized structure. The purpose of a flow chart is to provide people with a common language or reference point when dealing with a project or process. Flowcharts use simple geometric symbols and arrows to define relationships. In programming, for instance, the beginning or end of a program is represented by an oval. A process is represented by a rectangle, a decision is represented by a diamond and an I/O process is represented by a parallelogram. The Internet is represented by a cloud. [Programming glossary on] Flowcharts are helpful in understanding a complicated process. ConceptDraw DIAGRAM allows you to create a professional flowchart quickly and easily. The ability to create flowcharts is contained in the Flowcharts solution. The solution provides a set of special tools for creating flowcharts.

  1. Run ConceptDraw DIAGRAM.
  2. Select the Flowcharts library. Look for it in the Flowcharts solution.
  3. Add your first object to the page by dragging it from the library to the document page.
  4. The flowchart should be started and ended with the Terminator symbol.
    Flowchart terminator symbol
  5. Use the Decision symbol to ask a question.
    Flowchart decision symbol
  6. The Process symbol is used for activities or action steps.
    Flowchart process symbol
  7. A circle Connector symbol means a cross-reference from one process to another on the same page, or if containing a letter or number, means that this chart connects to another chart on a different page.
  8. The Data symbol represents information which the system needs as input or sends as output.
  9. The Document symbol represents a paper document produced during the flowchart process.
  10. Use the Rapid Draw buttons to add standard flowchart symbols automatically.
  11. Flowchart symbols added with Rapid Draw arrows are connected automatically.

Result: You can quickly map out your business process flow using standard flowchart symbols.

How to Create Diagram Using a Template

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM template provides a drawing page with preset settings: page size, measurement units, and dimensions. Also, it includes a collection of libraries related to the particular type of drawing. You can easily access stencil libraries, templates, and samples directly from the ConceptDraw STORE. All diagramming solutions that you install appear in the right pane of the STORE as ready-to-use templates to simplify your work. We advise you to start creating any new document by looking for an appropriate template delivered by ConceptDraw STORE.

  1. Run ConceptDraw STORE.
  2. Select the appropriate solution from the solutions list.
  3. Find out the list of template thumbnails on the right panel.
  4. conceptdraw-template
  5. Choose the necessary template and click on it to create a new diagram. The template provides a workspace and a set of libraries tailored to a specific type of diagrams
  6. To create your diagram, drag objects from the library onto the drawing page and connect them to one another if needed.
  7. Some templates include wizards that help you get started. Some templates provide you with useful callout hints that help you to build a needed type of diagram quickly and properly.

Result: You just need to choose an appropriate template and start drawing