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Export from ConceptDraw PRO Document to a Graphic File

Export from ConceptDraw PRO Document to a Graphic File

Now it’s easy to share your visual documents with other people in a form most convenient for them. ConceptDraw PRO can save your drawings and diagrams in a number of highly useful formats, including graphic files. You can save your drawing as a .PNG, .JPG, or other graphic format file. Read more
Export to a Graphic File
Export to a Graphic File

Office Layout

Each office is a unique space, thats why design of office premises has a lot of specifics based on the type of premise and kind of activity of the company which will be placed at this office. Different office concepts and features of office designs are also taken into consideration by designers and architects when office layout plans and designs are created, for construction new office buildings or renovation those built earlier. ConceptDraw PRO extended with Office Layout Plans solution from Building Plans area is a powerful diagramming and vector drawing software for designing Office Floor Plans, Office Layout Plans, Small Office Design Plans, Office Cabinet Plans, Commercial Floor plans, Home Office Plans, Plans for premises at large office centers, Electrical plans for offices, etc. Office Layout Plans solution includes 3 time-saving libraries of ready-to-use vector objects of office furniture and equipment which are incredibly helpful for design and implementation any of your office layout ideas. Read more
How to Draw a Floor Plan
How to Draw a Floor Plan

A Tool for EffectiveTeam Meetings

Use team meetings, share ideas, brainstorm ideas, team notes with ConceptDraw solution. Read more

Business Productivity - Marketing

Mind Map is effective tool for depiction the main idea and related concepts, and representation a thought process. Mind Maps have essential value in marketing field, advertising and sales. They help successfully accomplish marketing goals and easy get marketing answers, to achieve a sustainable competitive advantages and increasing sales. Mind Maps help in new product development, they allow to generate and structure ideas about its properties and features, to define the target customers, brainstorm the key words and phrases for advertising and sales materials. ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a perfect marketing diagramming and marketing strategy tool that help accomplish marketing goals, represent marketing information and easy design Marketing Mind Maps and Marketing Diagrams (Marketing Step Chart, Marketing Mix Diagram, Market Environment Analysis Charts, Sales Pyramids, Target and Marketing Scope Diagrams, Feature Comparison Chart, Product Position Map, Products Comparison Chart, Timeline, SWOT, Boston Growth Matrix, Ansoff Product-Market Growth Matrix) for further using in visual documents and presentations. Read more

How To Successfully Hold a Group Meeting and Presentation

Group Meeting via Skype - a guide on how to successfully hold a group meeting and presentation. Read more

Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda

Scrum is a framework that allows to solve the radically different tasks, from the development of complex IT products to the creation a reasonable to-do list. The sprint is a basic concept in Scrum, it is an iteration during which is created the functional growth of software. The duration of each sprint is defined by the scrum team individually, based on the tasks, objectives, requirements and composition, which gives to the development process the predictability and flexibility, usually it takes from one to six weeks. The Sprint planning meeting occurs at the beginning of each new sprint, with the participation of the product owners, the scrum master and the entire scrum team. During the Sprint planning meeting is determined the amount of work, the list of tasks, the tasks are broken into the subtasks and their implementation is discussed, at this the tasks are estimated in man-hours. The Mind Map visualizing the Sprint planning meeting agenda was created in ConceptDraw MINDMAP software with help of PM solutions included to ConceptDraw Solution Park. Read more

Quality meeting

ConceptDraw MINDMAP software and solutions from the Quality Management Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park support the quality specialists, quality managers and manufacturing managers with powerful mind mapping and visualization tools for quality control and improvement in production field and other spheres. The quality management is a progressive field of activity nowadays and that's why such software is much opportunely. Due to the Quality solutions, you have now the ConceptDraw MINDMAP software with expanded abilities and can design Quality Mind Maps, Quality diagrams, Quality meeting documents in minutes. You have a lot of samples of Quality Management Mind Maps represented at ConceptDraw STORE, samples of presentations, meeting agendas, examples of solving different problems, etc. You also have an access to large set of templates specially developed to provide you the highest level of convenience and speed in designing your own Mind Maps, use them to quickly prepare for quality meetings by simple filling the appropriate fields. Apply the ConceptDraw MINDMAP to make the notes during the meetings or to send a short summary to meeting participants in seconds. Read more

Sprint Review (Demo)

There are many popular project management methods, among them Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Six Sigma, and others. Sprint is one of the main terms, it is an iteration or a working cycle in Scrum methodology, that continues from weeks to months, and during which is created a working version of a given product or its item that has a great value for a customer. The represented Mind Map is designed at ConceptDraw MINDMAP software and demonstrates the Sprint Review (Demo) meeting agenda. You can easily modify it, if needed, and use as a convenient template for all Sprint Review meetings. Numerous PM solutions included to ConceptDraw Solution Park and represented as a Project Management area, support a lot of project methodologies, including Agile, Scrum, Simple Projects. The ConceptDraw solutions help effectively in implementing the best practices in project management, in dealing the common project situations in an extraordinary way, in planning and tracking projects implementation, milestones, events, resource usage, and many other typical project management functions. Read more

Presenting a Slide Show to a Group of People

Tips on how to present a slide show to a group. Deliver a successful presentation to your team. Read more

Quality visualization in your company

Using ConceptDraw quality mind maps is a perfect addition to quality visualization in your company. Read more