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Remote Learning Sessions - Webinars

A perfect visual tool for presenting to a remote group via Skype. Participants receives document automatically. Participants are able to edit presentation after session. Helpful for webinars, online meetings, remote learning.

How to exchange data files of Mindjet Mindmanager ?

Tools to exchange data of MindJet Mindmanager for team collaboration.

Professional Diagrams - No need for any special drawing skills for you

No need for any special drawing skills to create professional looking diagrams outside of your knowledge base. ConceptDraw PRO takes care of the technical side. Use templates, samples and special libraries for your needs.

Social Media Response Management Action Maps - software tool

It is an innovative combination of interactive flow charts and action mind maps to help you boost your social media success.

How To use Architect Software

Architect Software — Create electrical diagrams, architectural designs using ConceptDraw.

Diagramming Software for Design Business Process Diagrams

Create professional business process diagrams using ConceptDraw Gateways library with 8 objects from BPMN.

Diagramming Software for Business Process

Create professional business process diagram with ConceptDraw.

Skype Presentation

How to do Skype Presentation. Solution for ConceptDraw Mindmap

What Is an Action Mind Map

Interactive tool helps you find the appropriate response to social media mentions quickly.

How to Realize your Social Media Strategy

In order to be strategic leader and be ahead of your competitors, use ConceptDraw PRO, a unique tool for creating your Social Media Strategy.

Using mind maps created by Mindjet MindManager for Presentation via Skype to remote team

The presentation via Skype conference call is part of solution Remote Presentation for Skype. It let presenter to control over the slide-show process which plays on each computer of conference call participants synchronously.

eLearning - International Teaching Community

eLearning Solutions for Teachers: Connecting Students Worldwide. Free Platform for Remote Learning. Skype as a remote education tool. Remote collaboration and presentation.

eLearning: Speaking English

Innovative Education Solutions: English Speaking Online Classroom. How to study Online with live teacher at real time.