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Tables’ Beauty

Behind any graphs, charts and even flowcharts there is data, big data, usually stored in tables.

Tables’ Beauty

To keep data in tables is useful, but tables are not convenient for presentations or communication. All graphs are intended to make the presentation of data clearly and simply. But are tables always that bad?

In many cases, working with tables is familiar. We all use public transport schedules on a regular basis and understand it well.

Tables’ Beauty

Report Cards in schools and universities do their jobs perfectly adequately in a table format.

Tables’ Beauty

Wouldn’t you think that finding your mark on a chart would be more difficult? Weather forecast is also easy to read in a table format.

Tables’ Beauty

What’s wrong with tables? Why do we try to avoid using them? If we don’t know the subject well, we come face-to-face with our problems immediately. It takes time to understand what each column means, which units are used and why? Once we have overcome the first steps, we are left with the question: what does it all mean? When it comes for weather, it’s clear that +30 is hot and +15 is cool. But if it’s a table of expenses, to note where we spent too much is not such an easy task.

But if we will put the table in order, it is much more informative and helpful than any chart. Let’s go back to Loan Amortization Schedule table.

Tables’ Beauty

Let’s polish our table. Any line-crossings are visually-complex elements. Even one cross can distract, and when there are dozens of them, we just can’t see anything else. Let’s get rid of the table lines:

Tables’ Beauty

To read the data quickly, we make some space between the columns:

Tables’ Beauty

With all this, we have limited the visibility of the least important information in our chart. We address to it seldom, so there is no need to make it prominently visible. This concludes the first steps in formatting a table.

The entire timeline is a bit less than two years. One typical mistake when using dates is that it is easy to include excessive information. Don’t indicate the year in each date. In many cases, showing just the month and day is enough.

Tables’ Beauty

All the other columns of tables indicate money. Moreover, a specific currency: Dollars. So, there is no need to add the dollar sign at each table cell.

It is better to align sums by the right side to allow for easy numerical comparison:

Tables’ Beauty

Last touch — mark the sections with different colors numbers, highlighting the most relevant information in your chart:

Thus, we have all of our information in a legible easy-to-read format. An important difference between tables and schedules is their credibility. That’s why we have a greater confidence in their accuracy. Any column can be double-checked, because we have ALL the data in front of us.

Yes, graphics and charts are more eye-catching, but often they don’t have nearly as much real information as a chart of the raw data.

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Types of Flowchart - Overview

A flowchart is a powerful tool for examining processes. It helps improving processes a lot, as it becomes much easier to communicate between involved people, to identify potential problems and to optimize workflow. There are flowcharts of different shapes, sizes and types of flowchart vary from quite basic process flowcharts to complex program flowcharts. Nevertheless, all these diagrams use the same set of special symbols like arrows to connect blocks, parallelogram to show data receiving or rectangles for showing process steps. Basic flowcharts are used to represent a simple process algorithm. A basic flowchart notation consists of rectangles (business processes), arrows (the flow of information, documents, etc.). The same notation is used in items such as the "decision", which allow you to do the branching. To indicate the start of the entire business process and its termination can be used the "Terminator" element. The advantages of Basic Flowchart are simplicity and clarity. With it you can quickly describe the business process steps. Creating of Basic Flowchart does not require any special knowledge, as easily understand by employees with different levels of education and IQ.Process flowchart sample - Human resource management process
Picture: Types of Flowchart - Overview
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Business Diagram Software

Any business process consists from a number of tasks carrying out the certain business goal. It is useful to diagram business processes to ensure that they are as foolproof, logical and sequential as possible. This business process diagram describes a typical booking process flow by the example of a cab booking process. It can be used as a roadmap for any booking system implementation. Diagramming a business process allows you to look at the entire project and take into account all types of possible scenarios. Business process diagram helps you investigate and clarify the process thoroughly so that you can find out how it can be improved. Business process diagram supports team communications by ensuring that each process element is clear and everyone in the team is on the same page. Sometimes your company brings you less profit than you expect it to be, and it’s difficult to reveal the causes. Maybe it’s time to learn new technologies, because business diagram are easily developed by means of special software, so you won’t make any extra effort. In return, you will increase your productivity and get more done in a less time.Business Flowchart
Picture: Business Diagram Software
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The Involvement Matrix can identify the distribution of responsibilities and identify roles in a group or team. Use the Involvement Matrix to specify roles and responsibilities of actions in problem solving. ConceptDraw Office suite is a software for corrective actions planning.Involvement matrix - Sale problem solution - Business Diagram

Physics Symbols

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v12 diagramming and vector drawing software extended with Physics solution from the Science and Education area is a powerful software for creating various physics diagrams. Physics solution provides all tools that you can need for physics diagrams designing. It includes 3 libraries with predesigned vector physics symbols: Optics Library, Mechanics Library and Nuclear Physics Library.Physics Symbols
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