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Standard Universal Audio & Video Connection Types

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is a diagramming software for making audio and video schematics.  Audio & Video Connectors solution includes 94 vector stencils, examples and templates for making any hookup diagram of the home media connections.

  • Cable, thin
  • Cable, thick
  • Device 1, half part
  • Device 2, half part
  • TRS plug
  • TRS jack
  • TRS plug, micro-jack
  • TRS, micro-jack
  • Headphone mini jack cable
  • Headphone mini jack
  • Microphone mini jack cable
  • Microphone mini jack
  • XLR female Neutrik
  • TOSLINK optical audio cable
  • TOSLINK optical jack
  • DVI plug
  • DVI-I (single link) jack
  • DVI-I (dual link) jack
  • DVI-D (single link) jack
  • DVI-D (dual link) jack
  • DVI-A Port
  • DVI-I (single link)
  • DVI-I (dual link)
  • DVI-D (single link)
  • DVI-D (dual link)
  • DVI-A
  • Mini DVI jack
  • Mini DVI plug
  • VGA plug
  • VGA jack
  • DFP jack
  • DFP plug
  • S-Video plug
  • S-Video IN
  • S-Video OUT
  • RCA socket
  • RCA jack
  • Display port socket
  • Display port plug
  • Mini display port socket
  • Mini display port plug
  • HDMI jack
  • HDMI plug
  • Thunderbolt jack
  • Thunderbolt plug
  • Coaxial TV plug
  • Coaxial TV jack
  • F connector jack
  • F connector plug
  • XLR male Neutrik
  • TS plug
  • TS jack
  • MIDI
  • MIDI connector
  • RJ45 plug
  • RJ45 jack
  • Banana plug
  • Banana jack
  • Standard Universal Audio & Video Connection Types *

    Example 1. Vector stencils - Audio video connectors.

    The Audio and Video Connectors solution from ConceptDraw Solution Park contains a library with vector stencils of standard universal audio and video connection types for drawing the hook up diagrams using ConceptDraw DIAGRAM diagramming software.

    Standard Universal Audio & Video Connection Types

    Example 2. Standard Universal Audio & Video Connection Solution

    The Audio and Video Connectors solution contains a set of video connectors, audio connectors and s video connection; you will also find pre-designed objects, libraries, templates, and samples, allowing quick and easy diagramming of various configurations of audio and video devices.


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