Crystal Mapping

With Crystal Mapping all goals and relevant information can be observed in one radiant dashboard. Crystal Mapping is an easy way to plan, organize, track, and deliver results and is well suited for business, project team and individual use.




What I Need to Get Started

To get started you need to download the Crystal Mapping trial version by using the link here.

  1. Open the Web App version and make your maps

    Once you have download the trial version you can instantly start to make your own maps. A good way to learn the process is to open one of the template maps and modify it to suit your own needs. Full on screen user notes are available as you make your maps using the ‘Help’ button, and there is lots of advice and examples at our web site

  2. Save your maps

    Once you have made your map you can save it online and come back to it at anytime within the free trial period.

  3. Sign up to Premium version

    If you like the benefits that Crystal Mapping provides after your trial has ended you can sign up for a full Premium membership which lets you download the desktop and get access to various other resources to help you with your maps.