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How to Create Diagram Using a Template

All diagramming solutions that you install appear in the right pane of the ConceptDraw STORE as ready-to-use templates to simplify your work.
We advise you to start creating any new document by looking for an appropriate template delivered by  the ConceptDraw STORE.

  1. Run ConceptDraw STORE.
  2. Select the appropriate solution from the solutions list.
  3. Choose the necessary template and double-click on it to create a new diagram.

Result: You just need to choose an appropriate template and start drawing

How to Create a UML Diagram Quickly

The possibility to draw  UML diagrams is provided by the Rapid UML Solution. ConceptDraw provides a number of templates for drawing UML diagrams You can download the Rapid UML Solution from the Universal Diagramming Area of ConceptDraw’s Solution Park.

  1. Run ConceptDraw STORE by choosing the command Browse Solutions in the Solution Park menu.
  2. Open the Solution Park tab.
  3. Select Rapid UML in the Universal Diagramming section, and press Install.

Result: Now have discovered the simplest way to create prfessional UML drawing quickly using the set of UML templates from the ConceptDraw Solution Park.

How to Make Network Diagram

A network diagram visualizes the way components of a computer network connect with each other. It is used to keep track of, troubleshoot or plan computer networks. Common network components include servers, routers, nodes and hubs. Computer network diagrams map out the structure of a network with a variety of different symbols and connections. It is the best way to show the layout of a network because the visual presentation makes it easier to understand how network items are related.
ConceptDraw PRO allows you to create computer network diagrams of several types: active directory, logical network diagram, Cisco diagram, rack components diagram.

  1. Open a ConceptDraw PRO new document.
  2. First, set the page size and orientation using the Document Properties options.

  3. page-options-for-computer-networking
  4. Open libraries from Computer Network Diagrams section and add objects to the drawing by dragging them from the libraries panel to the document page.

  5. conceptdraw-network-diagram
  6. Use Clone tool to quickly add copies of the object.

  7. create-computer-network-diagram
  8. To add text to an object just click it and then type your text.

  9. conceptdraw-networking-shapes
  10. Let’s connect the objects with smart connectors. To connect elements using this tool smart connector, drag the connector from one connect dot to another.

  11. conceptdraw-network-charts
  12. You can add text to connectors in the same way as to objects.

  13. conceptdraw-networking-tools
Result: Now you can represent and communicate network architecture, topology, and design to engineers, stakeholders and end-users.

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