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How to Make SWOT Analysis in a Word Document

How to Make SWOT Analysis in a Word Document

A SWOT Analysis is a popular tool of the strategic planning which is used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that are involved in any businesses. Use of mind maps allows you to collect a lot of information used for SWOT Analysis, visually structure it and also identify the relationships between different parts of this information. SWOT and TOWS Matrix Diagrams solution for ConceptDraw Solution Park combines professional visual advantages of ConceptDraw MINDMAP software and presentation capabilities of ConceptDraw PRO, which together provide a complete work solution. The SWOT and TOWS diagrams, matrices or mind maps produced in ConceptDraw PRO using the predesigned vector objects or filling the ready templates, can be then easily exported to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, and many other electronic file formats. The possibility of export makes easy the use of SWOT diagrams designed in ConceptDraw PRO and lets you efficiently collaborate even with people who maybe don't have this software. Read more

SWOT Analysis

The success of the company depends on how successfully it is able to react on different outside influences. When analyzing the external situation, it is necessary to identify the factors most significant on a specified period of time. An interrelated consideration of these factors with the company's possibilities allows to solve effectively appearing problems. One of the most common methods of assessment together internal and external factors influencing the company's development is a SWOT analysis. SWOT analysis (acronym composed of the first letters of the words: strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) is one of the most common and effective types of analysis in marketing and marketing researches. It allows to identify and structure the strengths and weaknesses of an enterprise, as well as potential opportunities and threats of the market, to make conclusion in which direction a given organization needs to develop its business and to formulate the organization's strategy. Use the ConceptDraw MINDMAP software and offered SWOT analysis templates for easy holding SWOT analysis for your company. This Mind Map displays the SWOT analysis for a company and variety of performance measures that influence its work. Read more

Export from ConceptDraw MINDMAP into MS Word Document

ConceptDraw Word Exchange solution gives you the ability to export mind maps to MS Word. It also allows stylizing the resulting document by using a custom MS Word template. Read more
How to Export ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document to MS Word
How to Export ConceptDraw MINDMAP Document to MS Word

Marketing Research Project

Researches are the main tools used to expand the boundaries of our knowledge in all fields of science and business. Today, it is impossible to authentically explain the behavior and intentions of customers of the company, its dealers and competitors, without serious marketing researches. The efficiently gathered, reliable and accurate information is extremely important when making the marketing decisions. It gives a company the opportunity to achieve a certain competitive advantage, to reduce financial risks, dangers and uncertainties, to objectively determine the attitude of consumers, to analyze external environment, to improve the strategy and tactics of market behavior. The marketing researches cover the market, competitors, consumers, prices, internal capacity of an enterprise and many other factors, but themselves they do not guarantee a success. However their quality performance and skillful use contribute to the achievement of company objectives. ConceptDraw MINDMAP is convenient for professional designing the Mind Maps, which represent knowledge about the process of marketing researches, visually reflect the results of marketing researches, organize the information about tasks, resources, outcomes and people for a marketing research project. Read more

SWOT Matrix Template

SWOT analysis is a structured planning method, which lets define the objective of the business, internal and external factors favorable or unfavorable for achieving this objective, represent Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats on the SWOT Matrix. SWOT analysis can be conducted for an industry, company, product, place, or person. It lets to choose the best path for development of an organization, helps to avoid dangers, gives opportunity to establish relationship between the potential of an organization and the problems, lets to assess the values of profitability and compare them with performance of competitors, gives the possibility to expand and enhance the competitive advantages. SWOT and TOWS Matrix Diagrams solution included to ConceptDraw Solution Park contains wide variety of SWOT and TOWS matrix diagrams examples and samples, and also specially developed templates. Each SWOT template have great value in easy and quick drawing of SWOT matrices and diagrams in ConceptDraw PRO diagramming and vector drawing software for Mac OSX and Windows. Read more

Create a Basic Presentation Quickly

Learn how to use ConceptDraw MINDMAP to create a simple presentation. Read more

ConceptDraw MINDMAP: Brainstorming, Mind Mapping for macOS and Windows

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a powerful business and personal productivity software application that provides visual organization and access to information for individuals and organizations. Read more

Conference Planning

The conference is a very important event for any firm or company. The careful planning and preparation are required, even if the number of participants is small. Each stage must be well thought-out and responsibilities for the organization clearly separated. It is very important to follow a defined plan and to be attentive to the details. Even if the conference is held in the framework of one small company, its efficiency depends on the degree of preparedness. Any event has an organizer, who is responsible for the planning, implementation and further support of the event. The organizer has to be prepared for emergency and unforeseen situations. In the event planning process there are several key points that must be obligatory taken into account. While respecting them, the conference will be held as scheduled and at the proper level. First of all you should clearly identify the main idea and give the name for the event, to choose the place and time of event holding. Next, consider the composition of participants and establish a detailed plan of holding the conference. ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a great tool for planning the logistics of a conference. Read more

Marketing Analysis Diagram

An example of marketing analysis diagram, can be used to analyse product market and define marketing strategy. This types of charts used by small business project management for making presentations on market shares, it used by marketing project management software and project management tracking tools for reporting results and statuses. Read more

Ansoff Matrix

ConceptDraw PRO software extended with Matrices Solution from the Marketing Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park offers you the possibility to develop the Ansoff Matrix of any complexity. Read more