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Using the ConceptDraw Social Media Response solution improves quality of content in social media and helps build an active customer community. It allows companies to be more effective in timely messaging thanks to the ability for rapid response to a customer′s post in social media. This saves budget for companies who use social media for promoting and as a lead generation tool.

The Social Media Response solution creates interactive social media flow charts and action mind maps. The solution includes a video tutorial and a number of samples helping social media teams refine and organize their response process. There are materials to help trainers and consultants develop a social media strategy and provide training for social media groups on how to effectively accomplish their daily work.

Tips for preparing a learning presentation intended for training a team.

Sample 1. Customer Positive Feedback

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Use Products:

  • Diagram Software
  • Business Diagramming Tool
  • Professional Business Graphics Tool
  • Technical Diagramming Tool
  • Brainstorming
  • Project planning
  • Meeting Management
  • Creating Presentations
  • Creating Reports
  • Communicating with Teams

Use Solution:

  • Action mind maps
  • Organize the process of response
  • Keeps the entire team on the same page
  • Realize your social media strategy
  • Present workflow to team
  • Train employees

Intended For:

  • Social media strategists
  • Online marketing agencies
  • Internet entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers
  • Social media consultants
  • Startup groups using online promotion
  • Sales people
  • Technical support
  • PR professionals
  • Trainers and coaches


Positive Customer Feedback
This action mindmap helps to respond to positive customer feedback and agree on interviews. The example contains ready to use response phrases organized into a mindmap for quick composing and tweeting/posting of response messages.  Read more... →
Positive Customer Feedback
Picture: Positive Customer Feedback
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Sales Process Flowchart Symbols
The most easier way of creating the visually engaging and informative Sales Process Flowchart is to create the new ConceptDraw document and to use the predesigned vector symbols offered in 6 libraries of the Sales Flowchart Solution. There are more than six types of sales process flow diagrams, ConceptDraw PRO software is flowchart maker which include six collections of extended flowchart symbols for effective diagramming. There are main collections of color coded flowchart symbols: Sales Department, Sales Steps, Sales Workflow, Sales Symbols and special set of Sales Arrows and Sales Flowchart.  Read more... →
Sales Process Flowchart Symbols, sales process flow diagram, red green blue colored flowchart symbols
Picture: Sales Process Flowchart Symbols
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Competitor Analysis
Competitor analysis is a first and obligatory step in elaboration the proper corporate marketing strategy and creating sustainable competitive advantage. Use powerful opportunities of numerous solutions from ConceptDraw Solution Park for designing illustrative diagrams, charts, matrices which are necessary for effective competitor analysis.  Read more... →
Competitor Analysis
Picture: Competitor Analysis
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Organizing and Selecting Social Media Response Action
Interactive tool helps you find the appropriate response to social media mentions quickly.  Read more... →
MARKETING AND SALE DIAGRAMS - Social Media Response Social Media Real Estate Agent Activity
Picture: Organizing and Selecting Social Media Response Action
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Use ConceptDraw MINDMAP for creative thinking, planning, organization, problem solving, presentations, decision making, note taking, team brainstorming and other tasks.  Read more... →
ConceptDraw MINDMAP most common uses
Picture: Applications

Social Media Flowchart Symbols
Social media is a popular view of mass communication which allows people, companies and organizations create, share, discover, modify, access, comment, discuss and exchange information through the Internet. Social Media Response solution for ConceptDraw PRO provides collection of 10 libraries with diversity of predesigned vector social media flowchart symbols for fast and easy creating interactive Social Media Flowcharts, Response Charts and Action Mind Maps.  Read more... →
Social Media Flowchart Symbols
Picture: Social Media Flowchart Symbols
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Sales Process Map
You need create a Sales Process Map? Use the ConceptDraw PRO software which is ideal for the sales process management, marketing and engineering thanks to the powerful Sales Flowcharts solution from the Marketing area of ConceptDraw Solution Park.  Read more... →
Sales Process Map
Picture: Sales Process Map
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How to Present a Social Media Response Plan DFD to Your Team
Interactive tool helps you find the appropriate response to social media mentions quickly. There are materials to help trainers and consultants develop a social media strategy and provide training for social media groups on how to effectively accomplish their daily work.  Read more... →
Social Media Response - Response to a Question
Picture: How to Present a Social Media Response Plan DFD to Your Team
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How Teachers Use Skype for eLearning
Teachers use Skype in the classroom to enrich experiences for students. Using mind mapping software in virtual classrooms for brainstorming and presentation make an effective way to gather information and track results.  Read more... →
How to use Each and Every - mind map sample for solution eLearning for Skype
Picture: How Teachers Use Skype for eLearning
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Types of Flowcharts
A flowchart is a simple but very functional tool when it comes to understanding a workflow or to removing unnecessary stages from a process. When drawing flowcharts, keep in mind that there are four common types of flowcharts, like document flowcharts and data flowcharts that show control over a data or document flow over a system. To show controls on a physical level, use system flowcharts. In addition, to show controls in a program, you can draw a program flowchart. This flowchart diagram represents the piece of an article editing process, that involves the author and editor. It was created using the Basic Flowchart notation that consists from the basic flowchart symbols. The start and the end of the process are indicated with "Terminator" symbols. The "Process" symbols show the action steps consisting from making edits and searching for a compromise, when the author does not agree with the suggestions of the editor . The "Process" symbol is the general symbol in process flowcharts. The "Decision" symbol indicates a branching in the process flow. There are two branches indicated by a Decision shape in the current flowchart (Yes/No, Disagree/Agree). This basic flowchart can be used as a repeating unit in the workflow diagram describing the working process of some editorial office.  Read more... →
Types of Flowcharts
Picture: Types of Flowcharts
Related Solution: Flowcharts

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