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Software Development

This solution extends ConceptDraw DIAGRAM and helps to accelerate and simplify software development and design by allowing you to draw UML diagrams and prototype Windows and Mac OS user interfaces.


Benefits: Helps to accelerate and simplify software development and design by allowing you to draw UML diagrams and prototype Windows and Mac OS user interfaces.

Objective: Visually communicate the concepts, architecture and design of complex software and information systems to simplify and accelerate understanding, analysis, and representation.

Solution Purpose: Easily draw diagrams and drawings to visually present, analyze and report on software and information systems architecture, data models and user interface design.

Intended For: Software and system architects, software developers, CASE designers.

Products and Methods: ConceptDraw PRO is a powerful intelligent vector graphics engine that can be used for basic diagramming.

Software Development

Solution Reference

Toolbox 1. UML Diagrams

Draw UML diagrams to visualize software systems architecture and design.

Tasks Actions Products
UML Model Diagrams In ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, use the template “UML Model Diagram” UML Model Diagram.cdt PRO
Toolbox 2. Sketch User Interface

Sketch drawings of Windows 7 UI and Mac OS X Snow Leopard UI for prototyping and designing a software applications user interface (UI).

Tasks Actions Products
Windows 7 sketch interface In ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, use the template “Windows 7 User Interface” Windows 7 User Interface.cdt PRO
Mac OS X Snow Leopard sketch interface In ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, use the template “Mac OS X Snow Leopard User Interface” Mac OS X Snow Leopard User Interface.cdt PRO