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This solution extends ConceptDraw PRO , allowing you to make professional-looking documents, presentations and websites illustrated with color, scalable vector clip art and shapes, regardless of drawing skills.


Benefits: Make professional-looking documents, presentations and websites illustrated with color, scalable vector clip art and shapes, regardless of drawing skills.

Objective: Communicate information visually in documents, presentations, and websites to simplify and speed up exploration, understanding, and remembering.

Solution Purpose: Illustrate and design documents, presentations and websites quickly and easily using the categorized libraries of scalable, color vector clip art and drawing shapes.

Intended For: Business and technology professions, educators and students, or anyone who needs to illustrate and design documents, presentations and websites quickly and easily.

Products and Methods: ConceptDraw PRO is a powerful intelligent vector graphics engine that can be used for scalable, color vector clip art and shapes to illustrate documents, presentations and websites.


Solution Reference

Toolbox 1. Vector Clip Art

Use categorized, scalable, color vector clip art for illustrating documents, presentations and websites in business and personal projects.

Tasks Actions Products
Transport clip art In ConceptDraw PRO, use the “Transport” library Transport.cdl PRO
Audio, Media and Video clip art In ConceptDraw PRO, use the libraries “Audio” Audio .cdl “Media signs” Media signs.cdl “Video” Video.cdl PRO
Business and Finance clip art In ConceptDraw PRO, use the libraries “Advertising” Advertising.cdl “Business” Business.cdl “Contacts & Collaboration” Contacts & Collaboration.cdl “Currency” Currency.cdl “Management” Management.cdl “Money” Money.cdl “Office” Office.cdl “Time” Time.cdl PRO
Computers & Communications clip art In ConceptDraw PRO, use the libraries “Computers” Computers.cdl “Control devices” Control devices.cdl and “Communications” Communications.cdl PRO
Fun and Artwork clip art In ConceptDraw PRO, use the libraries “Funny Animals” Animals2.cdl “Aquatic Fauna” AquaticFauna.cdl “Architecture” Architecture.cdl “Food” Food.cdl “Funny Transport” Funny Transport.cdl “Music” Music.cdl PRO
Manufacturing & Maintenance clip art In ConceptDraw PRO, use the libraries “Resources & Energy” Resources & Energy.cdl “Technology” Technology.cdl “Tools” Tools.cdl PRO
Nature clip art In ConceptDraw PRO, use the libraries “Animals” Animals.cdl “Geography” Geography.cdl “Weather” Weather.cdl PRO
People clip art In ConceptDraw PRO, use the libraries “People” People.cdl and “Professions” Professions.cdl PRO
Arrows, Symbols, Flags, Emblems clip art In ConceptDraw PRO, use the libraries “Arrows” Arrows.cdl “Flags” Flags.cdl “State Emblems” State Emblems.cdl “ABC” ABC.cdl “MindMap Symbols” MindMap Symbols.cdl PRO
Toolbox 2. Designing documents, presentations, and web pages

Use the supplied backgrounds, frames, borders, symbols, arrows, text blocks and callouts for designing documents, presentations and websites.

Tasks Actions Products
Backgrounds In ConceptDraw PRO, use the “Backgrounds” library Backgrounds.cdl PRO
Frames and borders In ConceptDraw PRO, use the “Borders & Frames” library Borders & Frames.cdl PRO
Presentation symbols In ConceptDraw PRO, use the “Presentation Symbols” library Presentation Symbols.cdl PRO
Arrows In ConceptDraw PRO, use the “Arrows” library Arrows.cdl PRO
Text blocks and callouts In ConceptDraw PRO, use the libraries “Annotations” Annotations.cdl “Callouts” Callouts.cdl and “Title Blocks” Title Blocks.cdl PRO