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Idea Communication

This solution extends ConceptDraw MINDMAP software by allowing everyone in a company to use generic symbols on maps and documents. It saves time with communication and understanding.


Benefits: Everyone in your company uses the same symbols on maps. It saves time on communication and understanding.

Objective: Quickly get clear understanding of new ideas using Topic Types.

Solution Purpose: To share recognizable and easy to understand maps within an organization.

Intended For: Managers and knowledge workers who need to communicate ideas quickly and clearly, and make them memorable and impressive.

Products and Methods: Use the Topic Types “Idea”, “Document” and “Decision”, with easily recognizable icons.

Idea Communication

Solution Reference

Toolbox 1. Idea Mind Mapping

Use the Topic Types “Decision”, “Idea” and “Document” to make a map recognizable.

Tasks Actions Products
Mark out topics that require the decision making In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use topic type “Decision” MM
Mark out topics, which contain ideas In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use default topic type “Idea” MM
Mark out topics, which contain ideas In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use topic type “Document” MM