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This solution extends ConceptDraw DIAGRAM and ConceptDraw MINDMAP with specific content that helps illustrate educational documents, presentations, and websites quickly and easily with astronomy, chemistry, math and physics vector pictures and clip art.


Benefits: Illustrate educational documents, presentations, and websites quickly and easily with the astronomy, chemistry, math and physics vector pictures and clip art.

Objective: Visualize complex knowledge to simplify and accelerate learning and teaching.

Solution Purpose: Illustrate lectures, textbooks, student reports and presentations, educational websites with impressive scalable color pictures and clip art.

Intended For: Educators and students.

Products and Methods: ConceptDraw PRO is a powerful intelligent vector graphics engine that can be used for basic diagramming. ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a powerful tool to organize learning materials.


Solution Reference

Toolbox 1. Educational Illustrations

Use educational pictures and clip art for the illustrating of lectures, textbooks, student reports and presentations, educational websites.

Tasks Actions Products
Astronomy Illustrations In ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, use the libraries “Constellations” Constellations.cdl “Galaxies” Galaxies.cdl “Northern Constellations” Northern Constellations.cdl “Other Constellations” Other Constellations.cdl “Southern Constellations” Southern Constellations.cdl “Stars and Planets” Stars and Planets.cdl “Zodiac Constellations” Zodiac Constellations.cdl PRO
Chemistry Illustrations In ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, use the libraries “Aromatic” Aromatic.cdl “Chemical Basic” Chemical Basic.cdl “Chemical Elements” Chemical Elements.cdl “Chemical Engineering” Chemical Engineering.cdl “Conformations” Conformations.cdl “Laboratory Equipment” Laboratory Equipment.cdl PRO
Math Illustrations In ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, use the libraries “Greek letters” Greek letters.cdl “TrigFuncs” TrigFuncs.cdl PRO
Physics Illustrations In ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, use the libraries “Mechanics” Mechanics.cdl “Nuclear Physics” Nuclear Physics.cdl “Optics” Optics.cdl PRO
Toolbox 2. Sentence Diagrams

Draw sentence diagrams for a visual representation of natural-language grammatical sentence structure.

Tasks Actions Products
Sentence Diagram In ConceptDraw DIAGRAM, use the library “Sentence Diagramming” Sentence-Diagraming.cdl PRO
Toolbox 3. Educational Mind Maps

Taking notes for exam preparation and preparing for a lecture. Mind maps can be used for the visualization of knowledge.

Tasks Actions Products
Exam Preparation mind map In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the Input, Exam Preparation MM
Preparing for a lecture mind map In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the Input, Preparing for a lecture MM

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