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This solution extends ConceptDraw PRO and ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 with Quality Management Diagrams (Total Quality Management Diagrams, Timelines, Workflows, Value Stream Maps) and Mind Maps (Presentations, Meeting Agendas, Problem to be solved).


Benefits: Quality Management Diagrams (Total Quality Management Diagrams, Timelines, Workflows, Value Stream Maps) and Mind Maps (Presentations, Meeting Agendas, Problem to be solved).

Objective: Visually document and communicate quality management information.

Solution Purpose: Quality management diagrams and mind maps are effective and easy to use.

Intended For: Individuals involved in product/service quality planning, control, assurance and improvement using visual documenting and communication.

Products and Methods: To support you in your tasks, you can use the power of ConceptDraw PRO — which provides intelligent vector graphics that are useful for Quality Solution diagramming — and for key Quality Solution mind maps, use ConceptDraw MINDMAP.


Solution Reference

Toolbox 1. Presentation

Present your quality results using ConceptDraw MINDMAP and ConceptDraw PRO to convey quality information to team and stakeholders.

Tasks Actions Products
Build Presentation Mind Map In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the Input “Quality Presentation” MM
Toolbox 2. Meeting

ConceptDraw meeting agendas improve the overall effectiveness of any team. Map style meeting agendas keep key points in clear view to guide a discussion and gain team consensus.

Tasks Actions Products
Create Meeting Agenda Mind Map In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the Input “Quality Meeting” MM
Toolbox 3. Documenting

Generate descriptive Total Quality Management Diagrams.

Tasks Actions Products
Build Total Quality Management Diagram In ConceptDraw PRO, use the template “TQM Diagram” TQM Diagram.cdt PRO
Toolbox 4. Time

Timeline Diagrams are a great way to represent a sequence of change or a history of quality attainment.

Tasks Actions Products
Create Timeline Diagram In ConceptDraw PRO, use the template “Timeline” Timeline.cdt PRO
Toolbox 5. Brainstorm

Brainstorm with quality team to provide creative problem solving and structure that apply to the current situation.

Tasks Actions Products
Create Problem to be Solved Mind Map In ConceptDraw MINDMAP, use the Input “Problem to be solved” MM
Toolbox 6. Strategy Description

Create detailed Workflow Diagrams and Value Stream Maps for the Quality Management strategy description.

Tasks Actions Products
Create Workflow Diagram In ConceptDraw PRO, use the template “Workflow Diagram” Workflow Diagram.cdt PRO
Create Value Stream Map In ConceptDraw PRO, use the template “Value Stream Map” Value Stream Map.cdt PRO