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CS Odessa Announces New Updates to the Finance and Accounting Area of ConceptDraw Solution Park

A new update to ConceptDraw PRO and ConceptDraw Solution Park of  Accounting and Audit Flowcharts provide expanded capabilities to  describe processes that relate to a company’s business. The solutions contain samples and libraries of vector stencils for financial flowcharts. These new additions to the ConceptDraw Solution Park are free for current users of ConceptDraw PRO v9.5 or greater.

Central to the accounting function is the ability to perform accurate audits by having a clear understanding of the processes for specific business cycles—especially the financial reporting and revenue receivables processes. A critical role in performing a walkthrough and understanding the details of a process is to develop and refer to a flowchart of the process being examined. The updates to ConceptDraw Solution are a big assist in helping firms better understand their financial processes.

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