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Computer Systems Odessa is a market leading developer of business productivity solutions for Macintosh and Windows platforms.
CS Odessa has hundreds of thousands of registered users across all industries, around the world. Today, Computer Systems Odessa is a leading software development company that builds critical business tools for the desktop. We at CS Odessa believe that technology is rapidly changing the way people communicate with one another, and that there is a strong trend towards displaying information in a visual format to improve communication, information sharing and decision making.
Daily CS Odessa delivers the software worldwide online both directly and through international resellers, with headquarter in Odessa, Ukraine and an established US office in San Jose, California. We constantly are enlarging our distribution network aiming at expanding our high quality products and end-user support to various countries all over the world.
To design, build and support progressive software that enables our users to work smarter and faster with individuals, teams, data, and resources through enhanced visualization tools, clear data presentation and improved collaboration capability.