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Baseball Field Template

Playing baseball can be lots and lots of fun. If you know how to play it and so the rules in detail, then you might enjoy playing this game and thus win beating your competitors. If you know all of these rules, then you can also teach someone else how to play it as the way the field should look like is always important to know to be able to play on it. To know what part of the baseball field is used for what purpose in particular is always helpful and if you do not know it yet, then you must learn, otherwise you can never play this game on a professional level. This knowledge can give you that unique opportunity to become a winner.

The baseball field is known as the one divided into the specific zones. One of these zones is called “a home plate”. “Home plate” is a 5-sided slab of rubber (which is usually white) and its size is about 42 centimeters square. This zone has 2 corners, which are removed from each other. One edge of this zone is 43,2 centimeters long, two other sides are 30,5 centimeters long and two remaining sides are 21,6 centimeters long.

There is also a “batter's box”, which is an adjacent to each of 2 parallel sides and each side’s size is 21,6 centimeters, and the bases. All of these bases are all in the fair territory. Following the baseball game’s rules: any ball, which touches any of the bases, must appear in the so called “fair territory”. The rules, which were mentioned above are all brief and if you want to go for more details, then it might take you some time searching on the Internet, forums, watching videos, unless you know someone who can tell you all about baseball and so to show you how to play.

Most of the baseball fields has a fence going all around them. This fence marks the edge of the outfield and similar to it fences are set at a distance from 91 metres to 128 metres from “home” plate. Most of the existing baseball fields have a right and left foul pole. These poles are located at the ends of the outfield fence as well as the intersection of the foul lines and usually they all lie in the “fair territory”. During the game in case the batted ball passes over the outfield wall and touches the foul pole, then it is called a “fair ball” and the batter is awarded a “home run”.

A field for playing baseball can also be called as a “ball field” or a “baseball diamond”. This field is the one, on which baseball players play their favourite sport game - baseball. Sometimes it can be also called a “baseball park”, but no matter in what way you want to call it, you can always make a drawing of such baseball field within only a couple of minutes, or hours – depending on how well you know the software, which you want to use for making your great looking drawings. Planning to play this game or planning to build a baseball field, whether it is for you or other people to play on, you may wonder thinking about which software to use, so the final result looks the way it was planned to look like. It is always better to use some professional software, rather than trying to draw everything using only a pencil and a piece of paper, including drawing the baseball and other fields for playing sport on.

Nowadays, when there is such a huge choice of different software and drawing applications, you can always choose the one you like the most and which is the most convenient for you and meets your needs better than its competitor. Having such a huge choice among different products, it must be difficult for you to make up your mind and so to make the very right decision. If you need help, we want to recommend to use the product of CS Odessa, which is a ConceptDraw DIAGRAM application as this software allows its users to choose from the templates what they want to create and so it accelerates the process of getting to the needed result.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is always better to compare to the other applications, as this tool for making such drawings, as baseball field plan, was especially designed in order to provide its users with all of the necessary stencils as well as samples of the sport fields for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM users to be able to make their own great looking maps, plans, charts, flowcharts, schemes and diagrams and to have their final result look simply smart and professional. In case you decide to use this, mentioned above, ConceptDraw DIAGRAM application, then you can always download it from this site or to find it and download from ConceptDraw STORE, which is another application, also developed by CS Odessa as the useful product full of the pre-made solutions. This ConceptDraw DIAGRAM software (as well as ConceptDraw STORE) was developed by the team of IT professionals of “CS Odessa” and it always makes things simpler drawing-wise as it helps its users to achieve all of their goals in creating the great looking sport field plans, including the baseball field one.

Baseball Solution

Sample 1. Baseball Solution

IT specialists working for “CS Odessa” have developed this, also mentioned above, product, called ConceptDraw STORE and in this application you can find many different solutions, including the “Baseball” one, full of stencil libraries with any needed design elements and pre-made samples and templates, which can be always used as drafts for making your own plans. Each of the solutions from ConceptDraw DIAGRAM consists lots of the design symbols, which were previously developed depending on the subject of the drawing. Thus, for making a great looking baseball field plan, you can find very useful to download the "Baseball Fields" library as well as the one called "Baseball Positions". Both of these libraries can be found in the “Baseball” solution, where all of the needed design symbols are and which you can always use for your own drawing, including drawing the baseball field template.

This Baseball Solution provides access to the stencils from the libraries, as well as to the templates and examples, which can allow ConceptDraw DIAGRAM users to create the baseball plans and other schematics. The design objects were developed in accordance with the real fields dimensions and a set of the fields’ samples includes all of the needed dimensions. All of the game rules, including the positions and other nuances, all were taken into consideration in the templates and they all are available for all of the ConceptDraw DIAGRAM users, who have this great and useful solution.

A combination of the "Baseball Fields" and "Baseball Positions" libraries gives you an ability to create a baseball-related drawing in seconds. Follow next steps to create you own baseball schema:

  1. From the "Baseball Fields" library drop a field object to your document
  2. From the "Baseball Positions" library drop all positions object you need to your document
  3. Place positions on the field according to your drawing idea
  4. Add arrows or text labels if needed.

Baseball Field Template

Sample 2. Baseball Field Template

This diagram was created in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM using the "Baseball Fields" library from the Baseball solution. An experienced user spent 1 minute creating this sample.

The sample you see on this page was created in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM using the Baseball Solution; it demonstrates a portion of the solution's capabilities and the professional results you can achieve.

All source documents are vector graphic documents. They are available for reviewing, modifying, or converting to a variety of formats (PDF file, MS PowerPoint, MS Visio, and many other graphic formats) from the ConceptDraw STORE. The Baseball Solution is available for all ConceptDraw DIAGRAM or later users.

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