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Summer Sports Solution — the New Add-on for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

With our new Summer Sports addition, the sports-related collection of vector libraries has now been extended in the Sport Area of ConceptDraw Solutions.

This new Solution supports making summer sports infographics, artworks, and diagrams. It provides a big collection of scalable vector images for summer sports thematic. This Solution also includes a set of sample drawings. You can use Summer Sports Solution to create various professional visuals that refer to summer sports - presentations, posters, illustrations, promotional flyers, etc.


Summer Sports Solution contains 14 clipart libraries composed with 264 vector images and 18 example drawings designed to help you achieve professional-grade results with minimal effort.

This new addition to ConceptDraw Solutions sells as an add-on to ConceptDraw DIAGRAM for $25US. It is available to purchase and download via ConceptDraw STORE.

Available In Store