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CS Odessa Announces Chess Solution for ConceptDraw PRO

CS Odessa is pleased to introduce a Chess Solution (US$25 paid) that is designed to be used with ConceptDraw PRO v11.

The new solution for ConceptDraw PRO v11 provides chess lovers with new libraries and objects to quickly demonstrate game play. The introduced libraries, samples, and templates permit one to describe the play and strategy of chess play.

The professional objects in this solution make it easy to show how games develop. It is easy to describe the unfolding of historical chess matches, such as The Game of the Century played by a 26 year-old Donald Byrne and a 13 year-old Bobby Fischer in 1956.

There is even one template included which will permit live play over a local network. The interactive template displays some of the dynamic properties of ConceptDraw Smart Objects.

Available In Store