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Professionally Assist Agile Practice with Scrum Workflow Solution for ConceptDraw PRO

Scrum is a highly interactive method for teams to collaborate on a large project. The Scrum methodology breaks down the steps needed to reach the final goal by using short Sprints of 1 to 4 weeks. The Sprints combined with a skilled collaborative workforce can achieve high levels of productivity by better understanding the entire scope of a project; however the project execution takes place in small chunks.

The Scrum methodology gives teams the ability to modify the direction of a project in-flight, and to quickly adapt to changes as they occur.

The Scrum Workflow Solution, a paid addition ($25) to the ConceptDraw Solution Park, makes it easy for anyone to build a professional Scrum diagram such as a Release burn-down chart, Release velocity chart, Sprint burn-down chart, or a Team velocity chart.

The Scrum Methodology because of its collaborative nature is very visual. The combination of ConceptDraw PRO and the Scrum Workflow Solution make it easy for team members to quickly assemble expert visual diagrams that are associated with the Scrum process.

ConceptDraw PRO is recognized for its ability to exchange documents with Microsoft Visio — the de facto standard in business graphics documents. ConceptDraw PRO can open and save documents that can be used by Visio users. It is supported by the powerful business solutions located in ConceptDraw Solution Park, and retails for only $199 per end user license.

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