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Oil & Gas Solution — the New Add-on for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM

CS Odessa continues releasing powerful business graphics libraries for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM. Our new solution for the Oil and Gas industry is designed to assist anyone who needs to visualize information focused on different aspects of the oil and gas business.

ConceptDraw Oil and Gas solution includes 8 libraries containing 234 vector images and 15 samples that can help you to make presentations, messages, and diagrams to illustrate work processes and highlight the factors that have the greatest impact in the oil and gas sector.


You can use this Solution to quickly create engaging and impressive infographics that can be used to describe the flow of technical processes, to display statistics and other business information in an accessible, understandable, and even fascinating way.

Oil and Gas solution retails as an add-on to ConceptDraw DIAGRAM for $25US. This new addition to Solutions is for current users of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM v14, our latest edition in the ConceptDraw product line.

Available In Store