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ConceptDraw OFFICE 6 Released

The newest iteration of ConceptDraw OFFICE reflects CS Odessa’s collective expertise in developing market-leading business process visualization software, mind mapping, and project management tools.

ConceptDraw OFFICE 6 brings a set of improvements that help professionals visualize, maintain, and communicate all aspects of business workflows even more efficiently. It delivers new versions of each of three components and enhanced access to integrated solutions for business diagramming, mind mapping, and project management.


  • Crop Tool. The new cropping tool is available for raster images you inserted into a document. You can use the cropping tool to trim or remove unwanted parts of images inserted from files, or copy-pasted from another application.
  • Import and Export of GIF Animation. Make an animated GIF from a dynamic presentation generated using ConceptDraw DIAGRAM presentation mode. Embed the GIF animation into your drawing using the new Import capabilities.
  • Connectors Improvements. You can make a part of the connector invisible. it is possible to create connectors that do not have a visible connection to the objects by adding two-sided margins (Fields), or one-sided indents (Path). The part of the connector becomes invisible, but it will still be glued to connection points on objects. The ability to visually “break” the connection line is created using smart or direct connectors: if the connection path intersects with the center of the inserted object
  • Solutions Panel Improvements. The new filters added to the Solutions panel will help you quickly find the exact solution that is most helpful for your tasks.
  • Support of Dark Mode on the macOS.

ConceptDraw DIAGRAM 13


  • Solutions Panel. New Solution panel contains a list of mind mapping solutions.
  • Topic Alignment Tools. New tools for topic alignment appear in the Arrange panel. Align tool is useful to align the mind map topics, floating topics, Images, and drawn objects.
  • Boundary Title. The possibility to add a title to the boundaries enables using the Boundary tool to group visual frames under the general title.
  • Topics Merging. The possibility to merge topics is implemented.
  • Callout Arrangement improvement. Now you can easily place callouts neatly and evenly in relation to their parent topics.
  • Tree Root Straight.
  • Search and Filter Capabilities.
  • Support of Dark Mode on the macOS.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 11


  • Tasks Completion Status. Now you can view the color graphics representation of tasks completion value of each project in the Gantt Chart of the Multiproject Dashboard view.
  • Project Baseline Visualization. The process of tracking baselines in PROJECT becomes easier. Once you have saved a project baseline you can switch it to the project Gantt Chart view. Being able to see the changes in the baseline schedule graphically enables you to compare easily the actual project schedule against the planned.
  • Added possibility to zoom in/zoom out Gant Chart view using a touchpad.
  • Support of Dark Mode on the macOS.

ConceptDraw PROJECT 10

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