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CS Odessa Announces New Computer and Networks Solutions for ConceptDraw PRO

The new additions to ConceptDraw PRO empower IT and network professionals with extensive new libraries and objects for AWS Diagrams, Active Directory Diagrams, Cisco Network Diagrams, and Computer Network Diagrams. The Computer and Network Solutions provide a great toolset for IT and network professionals who use ConceptDraw PRO. The new/updated solutions are:

  1. Active Directory Diagrams (new) – assist users in visualizing the structures of Microsoft Windows networks, Active Directory Domain topology, Active Directory Site topology, Organizational Units (OU), and Exchange Server Organization.
  2. AWS Architecture Diagrams (update) - includes icons used for notation when creating architecture diagrams describing Amazon Web Services or Amazon Cloud Services.
  3. Cisco Network Diagrams (update) - samples, templates and libraries used by IT professionals, corporate IT departments, and network/system administrators to visually document the topology and design of Cisco networks.
  4. Interactive Voice Response Diagrams (new) - used to develop, operate and maintain IVR systems for call centers and voice mail systems.
  5. Computer Network Diagrams (update) – is a refresh of this popular solution, new samples, templates, and libraries of network icons are provided to quickly create professional-looking network diagrams.

All 5 of these new solutions have been added to ConceptDraw PRO at no charge for our customers. The ConceptDraw product line is known for consistently adding value to its products. These new additions to the ConceptDraw Solution Park are for current users of ConceptDraw PRO v10, the latest edition of the ConceptDraw PRO software product. ConceptDraw PRO is compatible with Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows.

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