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A Valuable Addition to Project Management Solutions

The Project Management area of ConceptDraw Solutions is now extended with the new Kanban Board tool.

Commonly, teams practicing the agile approach in project management and Kanban methodology use flip boards, markers, and stickers to depict project status, workflow, and task assignments. Our Kanban Board solution utilizes a visual language of Kanban task boards to present information about project workflows using software tools.


The new Solution provides support for drawing Kanban board in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM and for making Kanban board mind maps in ConceptDraw MINDMAP with the ability to automatically generate Kanban board charts in DIAGRAM. It contains 8 stencil libraries composed of 135 special vector objects and 13 sample diagrams and mind maps.

Kanban Board solution comes as an add-on to ConceptDraw OFFICE v6 for $25 USD. This new addition to Solutions is for current users of DIAGRAM v13 and MINDMAP v11 — our latest editions in the ConceptDraw product line.

Available In Store