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A Further Engineering Solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM Released

CS Odessa’s team persistently continues to work hard on the development of content available to users of ConceptDraw diagramming software. The newest addition to the ConceptDraw Engineering solutions is the Electron Tube Circuits content. Our new solution for ConceptDraw DIAGRAM is designed to assist professionals who need to draw electronic circuits audio, video, radio, automation, and computer devices.

An electron tube (also called a vacuum tube, or valve), is a device that is used to control electric current flow in a high vacuum between electrodes. Electron tubes are used in radio, television, and computer devices to amplify low current, rectify alternating current, and generate oscillating radio-frequency power.

There are many kinds of electron tubes for different purposes. The Electron Tube Circuits solution contains a collection of graphic libraries charged with a large diversity of vector industry-standard images of different types of electron tubes and other related electronic circuit components.


ConceptDraw Electron Tube Circuits solution provides 4 libraries that contain 55 vector images of symbols used in electronic engineering to denote vacuum tube circuits and their elements. The set of 20 examples can help you to support designing, constructing, and maintaining electronic equipment with professional technical graphics.

The Electron Tube Circuits solution is addressed to electrical engineers, architects, electricians, electrical technicians, and other professionals. The new engineering solution is free for current users of ConceptDraw DIAGRAM 15.

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