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CS Odessa Releases Its First iPad App – Diagram Viewer, Great Tool for Viewing ConceptDraw PRO and MS Visio Files

ConceptDraw Diagram Viewer is our new app for the iPad, and is available for free in the App Store on iTunes.

July 14, 2015, San Jose, California — CS Odessa’s newest product addition, Diagram Viewer, is designed to assist individuals who need to view business graphics files. The Diagram Viewer, for iOS 8+, is a great adjunct product to ConceptDraw PRO v10. Diagram Viewer gives users an extra degree of flexibility when working and viewing business graphics and diagramming images.

ConceptDraw PRO v10 is an easy way for one to create, edit, and view graphic content. The Diagram Viewer, for iPad, makes for a great viewing tool of content graphic for people who work with either ConceptDraw PRO v10 or Visio 2013 formats.

Diagram Viewer allows one to view ConceptDraw PRO v10 (CDDZ) and Visio 2013 (VSDX) files on an iPad. Both ConceptDraw and Visio, with the newest release of these visual tools, have significantly reduced the size of the files. This dynamic reduction in file size makes the iPad an ideal viewing device for business graphics produced by these two well know business graphics and diagramming tools.

ConceptDraw PRO is recognized for its ability to exchange documents with Microsoft Visio — the de facto standard in business graphics documents. ConceptDraw PRO can open and save documents that can be used by Visio users. It is supported by the powerful business solutions located in ConceptDraw Solution Park, and retails for only $199 per end user license.

ConceptDraw Office v3 is the third generation suite of ConceptDraw products that uses ConceptDraw InGyre3 integration technology to share data between its applications, allowing you to switch gears for different tasks more quickly. ConceptDraw Office v3 includes ConceptDraw MINDMAP v8, ConceptDraw PROJECT v7, ConceptDraw PRO v10, and the ConceptDraw Solution Park with more than 130 Solutions to power you through difficult and time consuming tasks. ConceptDraw Office retails for $499 and can be purchased directly from CS Odessa or their resellers. The ConceptDraw Office suite is designed for knowledge workers, project managers, managers, and academics.

About CS Odessa

Founded in 1993, Computer Systems Odessa supplies cross-platform productivity tools and graphic technologies to professional and corporate users around the world. With headquarters in Odessa, Ukraine, and a U.S. office in San Jose, California, CS Odessa sells products internationally through resellers in over 30 countries. The ConceptDraw line of products has won numerous awards and is used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.
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