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New CRM Center Dashboard Solution for ConceptDraw PRO

The new ConceptDraw CRM Center Dashboard for ConceptDraw PRO v11 gives organizations a new CRM tool that facilitates trend discovery and communication of results to your marketing, management, and stakeholder team members. The CRM Center Dashboard can display activity in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other application platforms. The ConceptDraw CRM Center Dashboard Solution can even be setup to update dynamically, always giving the most current information and keeping you on top of emerging trends.

ConceptDraw CRM Center Dashboard supports data from text files (TXT), comma-separated values files (CSV), and MS Excel spreadsheet files (XLS). Once you have connected a source file to the ConceptDraw document containing the solution’s dashboards, the visual indicators will automatically be updated based on your selection of refresh time and source file changes. The resulting dashboard can be used as a dynamic display of the data, or exported as a PowerPoint slide, Adobe PDF document, HTML, or any one of several other graphic formats for use in any way you can imagine.


The CRM Dashboard libraries, samples and templates are available at for US$49 to users of ConceptDraw PRO v11 and ConceptDraw Office v4, via Solution Park.

ConceptDraw products support the latest versions of both Apple macOS and Microsoft Windows. ConceptDraw PRO v11 is a perpetual license with no annual fees associated with it. It is an economical and long-term solution for users.

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