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The Best Implementation Process for Marine Manufacturing

Fikret Ezberci is the General Manager at Ezberci Marine Ltd. The organization has been manufacturing deck equipment for the ship and yacht industry for over 15 years, and for the last five Fikret has used ConceptDraw products to help organize the business processes involved in running the company.

“As our deliverables are sometimes very important as well as sensitive, a project’s needs requirements must be calculated exactly. We take a lot of time researching and documenting the methods and processes we use to handle our business. Thanks to ConceptDraw Office we now have the best implementation process for our product.”

project dashboard

The visual Project Dashboard within ConceptDraw Office is the best way to deliver a clear view of project performance to all project participants. This sample of a Project Dashboard was created using ConceptDraw PROJECT and ConceptDraw PRO.

Many of the projects being dealt with by Ezberci Marine are custom made, with reproduction of product design accounting for a lot of the time taken on a project. Every project is seen as a big challenge from beginning to end. Without the right tools to implement their projects, their endless commitment to customer satisfaction would be at risk.

“It has be a huge reassurance having the added customer service that comes when using ConceptDraw products. It sometimes feel like we have the entire CS Odessa team to listen to our problems, and to help with implementing their product into our business.”

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