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New Computer and Networks drawing solution: new solution extends capabilities of ConceptDraw PRO for network diagramming

ConceptDraw Solution Park has a new drawing solution for ConceptDraw PRO which helps IT Professionals draft and present computer and network installations.

San Jose, California, November 9, 2011 — CS Odessa announces an update to the popular Computer and Networks Drawing Solution in the Universal Diagramming area of ConceptDraw Solution Park, which includes:

  • Extended Cisco libraries —now more than 500 pre-designed objects to help IT professionals easily visualize network schemes and equipment
  • Wireless network schemes that can be illustrated in a realistic manner
  • New Interactive Voice Response libraries and samples for diagramming workflows for call centers, technical support departments, service departments, etc.
  • Rack diagram library and template objects
Five practical applications for ConceptDraw Computer and Networks Drawing Solution:
  • 1. Documentation: system administrators and IT directors can visually document hardware and network information
  • 2. Training: diagrams of existing installations can be utilized when training new employees
  • 3. Presentations: Network hardware providers can illustrate and present new and redesigned IT offerings
  • 4. Workflows: administrators can outline specific response instructions for call centers
  • 5. Education: instructors can produce teaching materials for IT professionals-in-training

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