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New Word Exchange Solution: a Collaboration of ConceptDraw MINDMAP and MS Word

The latest addition to ConceptDraw's ever growing list of solutions is Word Exchange. This  tool opens up the possibilites for cross-funtionality between MINDMAP and Microsoft Word, and allows you to transform your mindmaps into ready-to-use text documents with just a single click.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a popular program for writers, letting them organise their throughts and outline plans in an effective visual manner. Word Exchange expands this process - these maps can now be exported into a stylilised text document. Reversing the process is also possible - your text documents can be converted into mindmaps, giving a graphical representation to help you refine and restructure, or as a platform to help you present your ideas to others.

Journalists, novelists, bloggers, editors, and writers of all kinds will benefit from this new solution. The flexibility provided by being able to work with your ideas in both graphical and text based form open up numerous possibilities for personal work and the presentation of ideas. The Word Exchange Solution is now available in ConceptDraw's Solution Park. Get it today! Available In Store