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CS Odessa New Solution for ConceptDraw MINDMAP Adds Compatibility with Microsoft Word

ConceptDraw MINDMAP gains advanced ability to interface with Microsoft Word via the new Word Exchange Solution, now available in the ConceptDraw Solution Park.

August 28, 2012, San Jose, CA — The newest addition to the ConceptDraw Solution Park adds powerful functionality to ConceptDraw MINDMAP that dramatically increases its interoperability with Microsoft Word. With the Word Exchange Solution, ConceptDraw MINDMAP can output ready-to-use documents from a mind map with a single click.

Writers already know how useful ConceptDraw MINDMAP is for outlining. Word Exchange expands that usefulness, allowing writers to outline in ConceptDraw MINDMAP, type content in the Notes pane, and then output a properly styled document. On top of that, the reverse of the process is also possible — ConceptDraw MINDMAP can now import Word documents and recognize their structure to build mind maps, allowing writers to use visual organization to refine and present their ideas.

Journalists, novelists, bloggers, editors, and writers of all kinds will benefit immensely from the new Word Exchange Solution. ConceptDraw MINDMAP already gives them a powerful tool for organizing their material, and now that ability is enhanced to allow for true composition within their mind maps. The Word Exchange Solution is now available in the ConceptDraw Solution Park. Get it today!

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