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New Social Media Response solution: extends capabilities for professionals in social media

The Collaboration Area of Solution Park has been extended with the new ConceptDraw Social Media Response solution that helps to organize the process of response for interactions occurring in social media. The Social Media Response solution provides the means to respond to social media mentions quickly and professionally. This tool keeps the entire team on the same page allowing you to realize your social media strategy, improve the quality of your answers, and minimize the time it takes to respond.

Selecting and organizing social media response action

Interactive Flowcharts can change the way one creates and organizes their social media response process. ConceptDraw PRO provides tools to develop a response flowchart that can be connected with Action Mind Maps. Visual navigation through the stages of a response process helps you locate specific actions to be taken via Action Mind Maps. Action Mind Maps can be used to describe primary messages and good additions, show examples of messages, and also define the main objective of messaging for a specific situation.

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Organizing and Selecting Social Media Response Messages
What I Need to Get Started

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