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New Presentation Exchange solution: extension of MS PowerPoint data processing capabilities

ConceptDraw Products make it easier than ever to work with presentations. ConceptDraw MINDMAP v7 now has the ability to import presentations into a mind map with a single click, and export mind maps as presentations with the same ease. The new functionality makes it easy to review slide content and build dramatic presentations. The presentation capabilities of ConceptDraw PRO v9 have also been enhanced.

Change the Way You Create Presentations

When creating presentations, you must decide how to best represent data without spending lots of time. Most presentation tools impose limits on your work. The information is often locked away in other data sources and takes lots of time to re-enter information that is going into your slide show. Because of the difficulty in updating your slides, they can quickly become outdated.

With ConceptDraw MINDMAP you can quickly and effectively generate, change, and update your presentation in the style that best meets your needs. All of this can be accomplished with just one click.


The Importance of Importing Slides to a Mind Map
What I Need to Get Started
Functional Overview

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