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Teaching with Creativity

Using visualization in an educational process helps to facilitate and improve learning at any age. Mind  mapping is popular in the education industry because of its ability to structure information in a memorable fashion, making the learning process effective, interesting, and enjoyable, even for little preschool children. In this issue, we want to introduce Mr. Murali Madhavan, who has been so kind as to share his experiences.

Mr. Murali is the owner and director of the Little Genius preschool in Hyderabad, India. Mr. Murali uses ConceptDraw MINDMAP as part of an innovative method for teaching stories from mythologies, epics, fables, folk tales, historical biographies, to his students. Using MINDMAP' s key navigational features, he is able to expand on the original text and highlight vivid imagery by adding various media to his map. In Mr. Murali’s own words:

The structure of the mind map gives me freedom from the text of the story. The branches with hints, colors, callouts, relationships, notes and drawings help me recreate the story for storytelling. The meaning and moral of the story and their relevance in modern context are elucidated easily with the help of mind maps because the act of mind mapping leads to unexpected discoveries of layers of meaning in a story. It is a creative process. The meaning and morals, that lie dormant in the text, reincarnate as strikingly beautiful elements in a mind map before you.

A History of Hansel and Gretel

Mind Map constructed by Mr. Murali "A History of Hansel and Gretel"

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