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New Rapid UML Solution: Supports an Extensive Array of UML Diagrams and the Associated Objects for ConceptDraw PRO v9

A new solution package has arrived for ConceptDraw, aimed at those of our users who need to create UML diagrams. It utilises the simple point and click interface of PRO’s Rapid Draw technology to help make UML diagramming quick and easy. The Rapid UML Solution can be downloaded through Solution Browser for no extra charge.

The UML diagrams in this Solution are divided into three broad categories: Structure Diagrams, Behavior Diagrams, and Interaction Diagrams. The seven Structure Diagrams are the core components that must be present in any system being modeled. These include Class, Component, Composite Structure, Deployment, Object, Package, and Profile diagrams. To assign functionality, we have three Behavior Diagrams: Activity, UML State Machine, and Use Case diagrams. The Interaction subgroup controls the flow of control and data, including diagrams for Communication, Interaction Overview, Sequence, and Timing.

For UML experienced users, the diagrams and objects will be familiar; while the Rapid Draw interface offers an intuitive way to connect and shape your diagrams. The solution is designed to make your UML diagramming simple, efficient, and effective. In the coming months, there will be more solutions making use of the Rapid Draw functionality.

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