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CS Odessa introduces a new Rapid UML solution for ConceptDraw PRO v9

ConceptDraw PRO v9 by CS Odessa has a new ConceptDraw Solution Park Point solution that supports an extensive array of UML diagrams and the associated objects.

San Jose, CA, February 14, 2012 — CS Odessa (, developer of the industry leading cross platform business graphics and diagramming tool, ConceptDraw PRO v9, has today announced the availability of a new Rapid UML Solution, in the Universal Diagramming Area of the ConceptDraw Solution Park. The Solution, based on ConceptDraw PRO’s RapidDraw feature, allows you to build diagrams in an instant and is available for download at no charge to current owners of ConceptDraw PRO v9.

For users with UML experience, this new solution presents an opportunity to create many types of diagrams in moments, using the intuitive RapidDraw interface. This new drawing technique removes the laborious and time intensive aspects of creating UML diagrams — it’s simple point-and-click design helps create professional, presentation ready diagrams quickly and efficiently. There is also more to come from RapidDraw, as CS Odessa expands their Solution Park. Watch for more Solutions utilizing this exciting functionality!

The UML diagrams in this Solution are divided into three broad categories: Structure Diagrams, Behavior Diagrams, and Interaction Diagrams. The seven Structure Diagrams are the core components that must be present in any system being modeled. These include Class, Component, Composite Structure, Deployment, Object, Package, and Profile diagrams. To assign functionality, we have three BehaviorDiagrams: Activity, UML State Machine, and Use Case diagrams. The Interaction subgroup controls the flow of control and data, including diagrams for Communication, Interaction Overview, Sequence, and Timing.

About CS Odessa

Founded in 1993, Computer Systems Odessa supplies cross-platform productivity tools and graphic technologies to professional and corporate users around the world. From their headquarters in Odessa, Ukraine, and offices in San Jose, CA, and Boston, MA, CS Odessa sells internationally in over 150 countries, both directly and through resellers. The ConceptDraw Productivity Line has won numerous awards and is used by hundreds of thousands, including Fortune 500 companies, U.S. Federal Government agencies, small and medium businesses, and students and educators around the globe. For more information, visit

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