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Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda

Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda

Scrum is a framework that allows to solve the radically different tasks, from the development of complex IT products to the creation a reasonable to-do list. The sprint is a basic concept in Scrum, it is an iteration during which is created the functional growth of software. The duration of each sprint is defined by the scrum team individually, based on the tasks, objectives, requirements and composition, which gives to the development process the predictability and flexibility, usually it takes from one to six weeks. The Sprint planning meeting occurs at the beginning of each new sprint, with the participation of the product owners, the scrum master and the entire scrum team. During the Sprint planning meeting is determined the amount of work, the list of tasks, the tasks are broken into the subtasks and their implementation is discussed, at this the tasks are estimated in man-hours. The Mind Map visualizing the Sprint planning meeting agenda was created in ConceptDraw MINDMAP software with help of PM solutions included to ConceptDraw Solution Park. Read more

Sprint Backlog

There are two types of backlogs: Product backlog and Sprint backlog. The Product backlog includes a list of all works on the project, the business requirements and technical system requirements. The Product backlog is constantly revised and updated by the product owner, it includes the new requirements, the unnecessary are removed and priorities are revised. The Sprint backlog is a list of works, the functionality, that is determined by the team and is agreed with the product owner, on the next reporting period (sprint). The tasks at the Sprint backlog are selected by the product owner from the Product backlog and will be implemented during the next sprint to achieve the sprint goal. The Sprint backlog helps the team to assess the progress every day, as well as the amount of work that still to be done to complete the tasks. The Mind Map representing the Sprint backlog was designed in ConceptDraw MINDMAP software and can be used as a convenient template. The ConceptDraw MINDMAP functionality gives you the flexibility in choosing the MInd Map style, in adding notes, hyperlinks, pictures, etc. Read more

scrum, agile methodology, scrum methodology, scrum board Scrum Workflow

scrum, agile methodology, scrum methodology, scrum board
The Scrum Workflow Solution extends the capabilities of ConceptDraw PRO 10 with a large collection of professionally-designed samples and a selection of ready-to-use scrum design elements: scrum diagrams and arrows, scrum icons of people, artifacts, workflow, workspace and other colorful scrum clipart, and also scrum charts. Read more

Sprint Review (Demo)

There are many popular project management methods, among them Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Six Sigma, and others. Sprint is one of the main terms, it is an iteration or a working cycle in Scrum methodology, that continues from weeks to months, and during which is created a working version of a given product or its item that has a great value for a customer. The represented Mind Map is designed at ConceptDraw MINDMAP software and demonstrates the Sprint Review (Demo) meeting agenda. You can easily modify it, if needed, and use as a convenient template for all Sprint Review meetings. Numerous PM solutions included to ConceptDraw Solution Park and represented as a Project Management area, support a lot of project methodologies, including Agile, Scrum, Simple Projects. The ConceptDraw solutions help effectively in implementing the best practices in project management, in dealing the common project situations in an extraordinary way, in planning and tracking projects implementation, milestones, events, resource usage, and many other typical project management functions. Read more

Sprint Retrospective

The sprint retrospective is a regular meeting of the team, that takes place after the sprint review and before the next sprint planning. It is usually time limited by one to three hours and gives the opportunity to discuss the workflow and to change something in it. The collective discussion during the sprint retrospective allows to come to more effective results in a nearby future. The sprint retrospective provides the opportunity to inspect how successfully have passed the sprint in relation to the people, the relationships between them, as well as processes and tools, to identify what items require the potential improvement, to find the ways to enhance the quality of the developed product, and to create a plan of changes and improvements, which will be implemented in the next sprint. ConceptDraw MINDMAP enhanced with Project Management solutions from the ConceptDraw Solution Park, supports the Agile, Scrum and other methods. It is specially tuned for collaborative work and allows to design the professional Mind Maps from the beginning or on the base of predesigned templates. Read more

Agile Mind Maps: Exploring the User Wishes

Agile method advocate use cases and user stories, but there are no standard processes or guides available to help gather user requirements. That is why documenting user requirements can be challenging. Without strong communication experience the scrum process can collapse, leading towards unfruitful requirements and imperfect software. This article offers a path to overcome these hurdles through the simplicity and clearness of mind mapping. ConceptDraw Scrum Worflow solution lets explore the user requirements for your Agile development project before they are formalized. You can easily create professional Mind Maps that will effectively collect and structure the information on what a user actually wants, or the “User Wish.” Read more