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Scrum process work items and workflow

Scrum process work items and workflow

Teams working with Scrum methodology use the product backlog items (PBIs), bug work item types (WITs), reports and dashboards. SCRUM Workflow solution for ConceptDraw PRO software offers collection of samples, variety of predesigned objects, clipart and graphic elements, a set of Scrum process work items and workflow which are developed for agile teams working using Scrum. Read more
This agile software development infographic example was inspired by Mike Cohn's post "The Ideal Agile Workspace" from the Mountain Goat Software blog.
"... a list of all the things that ... should be visible within the ideal agile workspace:
* Big Visible Charts. ... the sprint burndown chart, showing the number of hours remaining as of each day of the current sprint. ... big visible charts showing the number of passing customer acceptance tests, the pass/fail status of tests by day, sprint and release burndown charts, number of new stories introduced to the product backlog per sprint ...
* Additional feedback devices. ... a lava lamp that is turned on whenever the automated build is broken. ... flashing red traffic lights to indicate exceptional conditions such as an issue on a production server. ... ambient orbs and Nabaztag rabbits, which are wireless programmable devices that can also be configured to change colors, speak messages, or wiggle their ears as a team desires.
* Everyone on your team. Each person on the team should ideally be able to see each other person on the team. ...
* The sprint backlog. ... The best way to do that is by displaying the sprint backlog on a wall, ideally in the form of a task board A task board is usually oriented in rows and columns with each row containing a particular user story and one index card or sticky note for each task involved in that story. Task cards are organized in columns, minimally including “To Do” “In Process,” and “Done.” ...
* The product backlog. ... tack the index cards with those upcoming user stories on a wall where all can see them. ...
* At least one big white board. ...
* Someplace quiet and private. ...
* Food and drink. ...
* A window." [].
The infographic sample "Scrum workspace" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO software extended with the Scrum solution from the Project Management area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. Read more
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scrum, agile methodology, scrum methodology, scrum board Scrum Workflow

scrum, agile methodology, scrum methodology, scrum board
The Scrum Workflow Solution extends the capabilities of ConceptDraw PRO 10 with a large collection of professionally-designed samples and a selection of ready-to-use scrum design elements: scrum diagrams and arrows, scrum icons of people, artifacts, workflow, workspace and other colorful scrum clipart, and also scrum charts. Read more
"Scrum: A framework within which people can address complex adaptive problems, while productively and creatively delivering products of the highest possible value. ...
The Scrum framework consists of Scrum Teams and their associated roles, events, artifacts, and rules. Each component within the framework serves a specific purpose and is essential to Scrum’s success and usage.
The rules of Scrum bind together the events, roles, and artifacts, governing the relationships and interaction between them." []
The agile software development infographic sample "Scrum" was created using the ConceptDraw PRO software extended with the Scrum solution from the Project Management area of ConceptDraw Solution Park. Read more
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How To Create a Workflow Diagram

A workflow diagram is less general notation than a process flow diagram. Workflow as a term can apply to organizational process which involves people, resources, documents, sort of data, for instance; whereas a process is general collection of steps occuring in any sort of activity. That is why process flow diagram can be used as workflow diagram to describe business process, data flow or department interactions. The fastest way to create a workflow diagram is using pre-designed workflow template. ConceptDraw PRO with the Workflow Diagrams solution delivers rich set of workflow diagram templates you may start from. Read more