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Exercise your brain

Exercise your brain

ConceptDraw MINDMAP mind mapping software can help professionals and students alike, whatever sphere they are involved in, to organize their work more effectively. The mind maps created with Macintosh version of ConceptDraw MINDMAP can be freely shared with Windows users without any limitation of your opportunities in communications. Read more

How to Insert a Mind Map into Microsoft Word Document

ConceptDraw MINDMAP offers several options of converting your mind map to MS Word document. You can choose the proper format that meets your needs to communicate content of your mind maps. Generate text, presentations, images or web pages that are pertinent to your work. Primary, you can export a mind map to MS Word. This method allows stylizing the document by using a custom MS Word templates. If you need to combine text and hierarchically structured information in a single document, the best solution is to incorporate a mind map into the MS Word document using the copy-paste capabilities of ConceptDraw MINDMAP. Read more

eLerning for Skype

How to use Skype in the Classroom: Tips for effective teaching online for organizations of all sizes. Software for online training and virtual classroom that provides an interactive learning environment. Read more

Exam Preparation

Exam is a word familiar for every pupil and student. But for many of them it's a huge stress, psychological strain caused by fear, anxiety, uncertainty in their abilities and knowledge, as well as physical overload from the lack of sleep and overwork. To mitigate the stress and effectively prepare exam, you need clearly define your actions, to structure tasks and to distribute their by time. Mind Maps are the most convenient tool for organizing and structuring information and ideas on a given thematic for easy remembering. The Mind Map created in ConceptDraw MINDMAP reflects the steps required for an exam preparation. The use of Mind Maps is justified in the process of exam preparation. This methodic activates two kinds of memory: visual and motor, and additionally an associative remembering. The people perceive and remember the images easier than text. You can create the Mind Maps in the process of studying each topic, reflecting their essence and directly on exam you will be easier to concentrate and retrieve from your memory the information you need. In fact, you will have on each topic ready plan of response, which involuntarily pops-up in mind. This will save you from confusion and will help to give a clear and sequential answer. Create easily and quickly your professional Mind Maps in ConceptDraw MINDMAP software. Read more

3 Tips for a Killer Presentation

Why to import PowerPoint slides into ConceptDraw MINDMAP? Read more

6 sigma

6 Sigma is a popular management concept aimed at improving the quality of work of an organization or individual units and at continuous perfection the processes. The improvement of organization's activities may be executed through the radical changes or in consequence to minor regular improvements. The main purposes of these improvements may be increasing of product safety, improvement quality, decreasing the quantity of defects, shorter the manufacturing cycle, improvement the workplaces, reducing costs, etc. Currently, Six Sigma is applied by organizations of various activity spheres, from the industrial enterprises to the banks. 6 Sigma uses a set of different tools of quality for realizing the improvements and control the processes. Each organization applies its own set of tools, such as Pareto chart, Ishikawa diagram, Tree diagram, etc. Solutions from the Quality area of ConceptDraw Solution Park support quality and manufacturing managers with powerful visualization tools for production quality control and improvement, and supply the ConceptDraw MINDMAP software with Quality Management Mind Maps. This map illustrates how the Six Sigma methodology can be represented as a Mind Map. Read more

Mac Compatible Remote Presentation

Mac compatible remote presentation, A simple way to share your presentation remotely via Skype. All participants receive presentation file. Read more

Value Stream Mapping Template

Use ConceptDraw PRO extended with Value Stream Mapping solution for document processes with professional designed Value Stream Mapping template. Read more