eLerning for Skype

Skype Training

ConceptDraw MINDMAP allows to make effective teaching process with eLearning for Skype solution that delivers lessons to a remote group of students via Skype call.

Use mind map presentation for leading or taking instruction during eLearning and simplify training process for small user groups.

eLearning for Skype solution as a communication and instructional tool can run training sessions with a new challenges.

Sample 1. How to use Each and Every mind map sample
for ConceptDraw eLearning for Skype solution

This is example of mindmap for English language e-Learning via Skype.

Use ConceptDraw MINDMAP enhanced with the solution eLearning for Skype to educate and study online.

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ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 mind mapping software can help professionals and students alike, whatever sphere they are involved in, to organize their work more effectively. The mind maps created with Macintosh version of ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 can be freely shared with Windows users without any limitation of your opportunities in communications.ConceptDraw decision making mind map template
Picture: Exercise your brain

Skype as eLearning Platform

eLearning Solutions: Free Platform for Remote Learning. Skype as a remote education tool. Digital Learning Technologies.Genomics and Health mind map sample for ConceptDraw solution eLearning for Skype
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