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ConceptDraw MINDMAP

Capture What You Think, Do What You Plan

ConceptDraw MINDMAP has a multitude of options for users — you can save any part of a mind map: including topics, branches, and entire maps to Evernote, for instant access on any device. ConceptDraw MINDMAP software is a note taking software that can be used on both platforms Mac and PC. ConceptDraw MINDMAP and  Evernote technology  help you to take notes of your amazing ideas.

Pic 1. Daily planning mindmap.

The Note Exchange solution extends ConceptDraw MINDMAP software with the note taking in Evernote using mind maps to organize notes.

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Exchange Mind Map with Evernote

Evernote Tools: MindMap and Evernote. Sync your mind map with Evernote. Exchange Mind Map with other applications. Download map in EvernoteDaily planning - Mind map example for solution Note Exchange
Picture: Exchange Mind Map with Evernote
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Organizing Your Ideas with MINDMAP & Evernote

ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 with the new Note Exchange solution allows to organize your ideas with MINDMAP and Evernote.Mindmap - Weekend to-do list
Picture: Organizing Your Ideas with MINDMAP & Evernote
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Quality Management Teams

ConceptDraw MINDMAP v10 with Quality mindmaps solution as a demonstration of the creative approach to quality management in daily work of quality management team.Quality mind map - 8 step problem solving
Picture: Quality Management Teams
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Develop Scripts Exchanging Mind Maps with Evernote

How to use mind map for developing scripts. An easy way to arrange information using Evernote and mind map. Making daily plan become more convenient with this integration.Online marketing objectives - Weekend To Do List
Picture: Develop Scripts Exchanging Mind Maps with Evernote
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